About Us

Investment House is a leading Investment Business unit and has enormous in shares whether it’s listed or delisted traded or non-traded, quoted or unquoted no matter physical or demat. We buy all types of shares on spot cash payment at your doorstep service.

1. About company:-

Our history begins in 1996 with M M Shah Investment Company. We buy Physical, Demat, listed, delisted share’s in cash/cheque payment after completing some basic formation. We purchase all type of share’s.

2. Services Provided:-

We help you in Selling shares of listed & delisted companies. It also provide door to door Service to the client for completing all the basic formalities and by giving Payment at your door step at attractive prices.

3. Beneficial to client:-

Investment House buying Junk share’s and also delisted share’s which people cannot sell in market whether its Physical or Demat by giving attractive prices. Moreover the client has not to hunt for sell them, the company provides door to door service to the client, right from the paper work to payment. It also help them in closing their Demat account, unnecessarily charged by bank and also buying those Share’s and giving some good amount to them at their door step. More to say that our company is best solution to Senior Citizen and people those who are busy in routine life and have no time for all this process, Its beneficial and time saving for them by getting some formalities done. Sell the Shares and get cash/cheque payment at home without hunting anywhere else. If needed we also help them in completing basic formalities of Bank, transfer form etc.